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"Steve is an excellent presenter who knows how to entertain. He has a great voice and great ideas, which are well crafted. He is a rarity in the radio industry and it won't be long until his talent is snapped up by a big platform!" Sone Palda - Westside FM Station Manager

"As well as being a funny and engaging presenter, Steve has a voice which is destined to become iconic. Having co-hosted radio shows with him in the past, I can confirm he's brilliant to work with." Richie Driss - CBBC Blue Peter Presenter

"Steve is a versatile newsreader and reporter with a smooth yet commanding voice. He's passionate about journalism and radio and is a true professional. He not only works hard, but is a great person to be around - both in and out of the newsroom." Jo Summerbell - JACKfm News Editor

Steve has proved himself to be a highly capable and versatile presenter who can engage and entertain a large crowd. Whilst some radio and TV presenters struggle when put in front of a large stadium, Steve seemed instantly comfortable despite the high-pressure environment. He portrays great confidence on the mic, and has a clear, concise and friendly tone that Southampton supporters warm to. Away from the microphone, he has an excellent rapport with all the people he works with. Tom Coull - Southampton FC Audio Visual Manager

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